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Author: FreeWifi Admin

Pre-Recorded Facebook Live Videos

MyInstaFace, a US Based Tech Firm has released a SAAS product that will give internet marketers..

Hotel Wi-Fi is often inadequate. Here’s how to get it right. | Wi-Fi NOW Events

Most people have experienced it: You get to your hotel room, snap a photo, start uploading it a..

Starbucks Free WiFi ‘Caught Sucking Cryptocoins’

Website mining cryptocurrency from people computers isn’t something we haven’t heard about...

Wi-Fi: What does the future look like?

The world of enterprise Wi-Fi moves fast, but 2018 is going to see gear based on 802.11ac Wave ..

The Future of Wireless Everything

Almost 15 years ago, I bought an issue of Wired in an airport and read it on an airplane bound ..